Mom says I can't wear eyeliner until I am fourteen

My mom says I can’t wear eye liner until I am fourteen and my sister started wearing it when she was twelve and my mom thinks she didn’t start wearing make up until she was 13 and I really want to start wearing eye liner becuase now my friends are wearing make-up how do I convince my mom?

Answer #1

Ask her if you can wear a pencil type liner that is very neutral looking, like a taupe color, that won’t show up like black liner would, but will still accentuate your eyes. Also, if you can use mascara, be sure to curl your lashes first - it really does make them stand out more. Don’t argue with your mom, sit and talk about it first. If you can find a picture of someone (an actress or singer) who has their eyes made up tastefully and it looks more natural than made up, and you show her the picture, she might be willing to compromise with you. I know it sounds so unfair, my mom was the same way. But now, as a mom, I do understand, She just doesn’t want you to look 18 when you are 13, and it is because she loves you. Trust me, having a mom who cares is a lot better than having a mom who could care less. I hated having my son hate me sometimes when I said no, but I also knew that my reasons were sound - and yes, when he and I talked, not argued, about stuff, like music, we compromised and both won.

Answer #2

im 18 and I agree with your mom why rush into wearing eyeliner… if you wear it unproperly your going to get black under your eyes form wearing it to much. sorry. =[

Answer #3

if you do it without her permission, only use small amounts. NEVER overdo it if you’re at a point where she isn’t convinced to let you actually wear it. Also, don’t try and make yourself look like a supermodel. And don’t powder your face to make it look whiter and make your eyes look darker. That’ll put her over the edge.

Answer #4

I agree with your mom! Wait until your older young girls are trying to grow up way too fast… Thats why 13 year olds are getting pregnant. Sorry

Answer #5

just wear it.. its make up its no big deal and she souldnt have a problem with you wearing make-up as long as you dont make it skankyy looking then it should be a problem

Answer #6

Yah just wear it… I guess if your mom wont let you or like if you will get grounded for it just wear it too school..when you get to school go to the bathroom and put it on then after school just take it offf with make up remover …

Answer #7

sry doll, but I got to agree with the momma this time too. Don’t sweat it, you’ll be 14 eventually and then the rest of your life you can smack on eyeliner like nobodys business! lol… but until then it’s not worth it to go against your mother for. Pick your battles, and trust there will be a lot more important things to fight with your mom about. Your barely starting your teens years, so there will be. Plus eyeliner only looks all pretty when it’s applied, then in a few hours you look like a racoon! haha. Oh and you don’t and shouldn’t do what your friends are doing, and thats a peice of advice from someone who truly understands what that means now.

Answer #8

Just use black mascara instead, it will help bring the darker effect to your eyes.

Answer #9

your mom sucks

Answer #10

dont put eye liner on, put every mascera on insted I looks the same! or you can ask your sister to help you out! good luck!!

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