How to ask mom to wear make up to cover up blemishes?

I’m 14 years old and about to go to a new high school. I have many blemishes as of from pimples I kind of pic them I know I’m not supose to but dang I cant stand them. I have a lot of dark marks and it’s taking away my true beauty. I asked my mom but she keep saying no. How do I tell her it’s a NEED. lolz

Answer #1

Good luck, but remember that not everyone can just go and “buy it themselves” when they’re only 14.

That “it’s my body” excuse is a very bad one, and is just asking for your parents to distrust you.

Answer #2

I would start using a good cleanser (I would recommend Apricot Scrub) and for a moisturizer, I would suggest Ultra Glow (I love it! it’s meant for black and mixed people and it works great for discoloration- you can find this in Dollar General). and for the cover-up, if you apply it well she shouldn’t be able to see it. you are 14! I agree with ^^, buy it yourself.

Answer #3

Well, just buy it yourself. tell her that after all, it’s your body, and you should really be able to wear make up if you want to.

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