Epinephrine and adrenaline

if a womans baby was trapped under a car and she could lift it off it to save her babies life then can a random person being injected with Epinephrine recreate the instance making the person being injected get the effects of adrenaline such as an increase in strength, speed, etc?

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well I have epinephrine "epi-pen" for like when my throat closes up from allergies, and it makes you all shaky, assuming there was nothing wrong with you I suppose it could give you extra strength, but then youd have to go to the hospital, becasue your body cant handle adrenaline for no reason, I would definently advise against it.

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U are right. Adrenaline's going to make ya quicker and strengthens. It can dilate your pupils and stimulate your heart. Though they are only necessary and match only with situations where you r to fight or flight for your life.

But adrenaline is not sth where strength comes from. It just speed up metabolic processes so that energy is released from your body more quickly. Note tat when there is no energy left, adrenaline can do nth besides destroying.

Adrenaline is injected only when it's critically necessary. because' if injected though it's not necessary, side effects are much more complicated. I m not going to write them all here as I m not giving a lecture.

If you want to know details about adrenaline=epinephrine, you rather find it out in wikipedia or some medical websites.
I highly recommand you to learn first before you apply.

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I totally agree with jaes. adrenaline injected into the body is completly synthsised and is supposed to compensate for something NOT happening in the body. to unnecassarily inject it into a healthy body could cause a MASSIVE heart attack, for two reasons.

a) it would force your heart to work harder, since ultimately thats what adrenaline does, increased blood flow through the heart by making it work, you got, faster! in addition, when we get a 'natural' adrenaline chartge it's normally for the flight ot fight need - you either run from the fight or you fight, either way you used that excess adrenaline in the muscular system.

b) would be.prior to injecting you would have a natural surge of adrenaline because you know you shouldn't be doing it and it could be dangerous, coupled with A) you're in trouble!

so, no, don't do it. it's not clever at all...

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