What if I'm drinking too much and can't stop?

hi I am a 13 year old and think I am drinking 2 much I was drinking every day lst week and the day before yesterday I had a litre of cider and yesterday a litre and a half of wine its starting too get dangerouns I keep hurting myself and sometimes collapse but love the adrenaline and cant stop what do I do

Answer #1

Drinking is easy to get addicted to. It is bad that you started at such a young age. You are probably going to have to go to an Alcoholics Anonamous program. It will definately help you quit. Try quitting on your own first. If you continue doing this, there is a possibility you will die from alcohol poisoning. Please try to quit.

Answer #2

i think dat u should tell ur mom and ur mom will have a great thing to tell u on wut to do if not pls try not to buy or drink anymore its very dangerous for a 13 year old

Answer #3

You are too young to be drinking. You are not of legal age to be drinking. I would hate for you to end up hurting yourself because of dumb choices, so think about it.

Answer #4

I cnt tell my mam because a couple of weeks ago I had the same problem I woz drinkin everyday and shes got enough on her plate im not addicted but im finding it difficult not 2 its so easy 2 get hold ov and all my reinds do it I sat with them and drank 2 litres of wine and it didnt effect me as much wich was wiered my freinds want me 2 stop but its around me all the time

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