Why does my adrenaline rush when trouble arises?

Ok so, everytime someone says something to me like "shut the *** up" or "your soft" my adrenaline rushes. Not that I'm scared but the fear of me killing or hurting that person makes me not retaliate to a person's idiotic abuse towards me. don't get me wrong I am never afraid to fight but the fear of me going to jail or getting in trouble with my parents.

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everyone's adrenaline gets pumping when faced with those sort of circumstances. but if you ask me you have anger management problems and should talk to someone. if the thought of killing someone ever crosses your mind you should for sure see someone about that.

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it might be because you feel superior to them
and feel like you could kill them, and there weak
so even though you want to fight, which gets your adrenaline pumping
you dont because you feel like your more powerfull

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I don't know, but I have the same problem. when I get mad like really mad I get amped, it's kind of scary for me. I like to be in control of my feelings so I don't do something stupid, and when I get like that I feel out of control sometimes.

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