Could pent up excitement have the same affect on your health as pent up stress?

As far as I know stress is basically adrenaline that is built up in your body over a long period and not “used” quickly as it would be when running away from the bear trying to attack you.

So could lots of excitement built up over a long time that can’t be released have the same negative health affects as stress?

Answer #1

Yes,it is sure.

Answer #2

at least, healthier than the pent up stress.

Answer #3

ya u can

Answer #4

Yup. You still get have the ‘fight or flight’ response happening, and basically thats your body being wide eyed, alert, heart beating fast, unnecessary functions shut down, muscles tense up, etc.. But fight or flight isn’t designed to work long term, its made for things you can either run away from or stand up against, an ‘in the moment’ reaction but your body still reacts this way towards anything that stresses you or your body. Keeping it pent up and having these ongoing reactions can cause a lot of stress related health issues. So, I suggest you let your excitement out :)

Answer #5

Excess adrenaline for any reason can be detrimental to health. Its designed to increase cardiac output, etc to enable you to remove yourself from a potentially dangerous situation but prolonged exposure can cause cardiac tissue death, amoung other things.

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