I think i broke my big toe

I was paintballing this weekend and ran and dove ; and when I landed my toe hit the floor first whitch caused it to bend . I didnt feel it at first probably cause of all the adrenaline , but right now I dont know if its broke just hurts and I cant walk ;don now if I should go to the doc ... I dont have any money to go :( it hurts

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okay on the side put pressure with your thumb and index finger...if it hurts a lot you most likely fractured it. if it doesnt hurt and it just hurts to bend then its jammed if it was broke you wouldnt beable to walk without having searing pain

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I've broken my big toe before. You've got to stop paintballing for awhile and start saving that money for podiatrist visits, because you'll most likely have a problem later on (wait 8 months) with an ingrown toenail. If it turns black, it is DEFINATELY broken. It may not tun black, like the way that mine didn't. If you can move it without any pain, you might be alright. You really should get it x-rayed.

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tell your mom and go to the docters you wouldent want your toe to get infected or worce then it is so please tell your mom so you could get it checked out

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