Cali earthquake?

omg are you guys ok??? I heard it was a 5.8 is that bad!!?? I hope no1 got hurt

Answer #1

it wasnt that bad just da media brought it up like it was a huge earthquake.ders no deaths an no injuries at all.

Answer #2

it wasnt that bad all my sht is on the floor but nothing that serious! thats for caring =D

Answer #3

My sister is in Huntington Beach, she said it was pretty scary but the quake hit north of the faultline. There wasn’t damage or deaths, to their knowledge. She was in the DMV when it happened lol and then failed her written test right after lol.

Answer #4

The earthquake wasnt that bad. A couple pictures shattered here and thats the worst I heard happened. Some things fell from shelves, but theres been no reports of anyone hurt. It was cool having the quake. (:

Answer #5

That sucks I didn’t know there was an earthquake, now I gotta find out how my family is doing back home :/

Answer #6

yeah it wasnt that bad I heard

scars on broadway released their album today… coincidence? I think not!

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