Did anyone in california feel the earthquake??

Answer #1

Living in New York so didn’t feel it.

Answer #2

Yeah, me and my family just did. How freaky, I need to go back to tulsa. lol

Answer #3

Naw didnt feel nuthn

Answer #4

oo haha yea I don’t know my head is hurting thou like a lot because I noticed my desk shaking and then I was like EARTHQUAKE and by the time I was safely under my desk it was

Answer #5

yeah, I diddd.

Answer #6

yeah I was in my bed and thought my brother was under it lol

Answer #7

Ah, then a few hundred miles south of here, no wonder we didn’t notice :) lol.

Answer #8

IM 3 hours away from LA and didn’t feel ANYTHING!

Answer #9

We didn’t notice it here in Cupertino…where was it? I can’t find any mention of an earthquake in california on the news.

Answer #10

no… wait there was an earthQuake!? daaannngg I didnt feel a thing..

Answer #11

it was like maybe like a 2.0 or something lol

Answer #12

Noo… I live in Oregon yo! :D


Answer #13

yea in the la county area

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