Who here has been annoyed by the concept of reflection in a mirror (long)?

Has a mirror’s image ever bugged you? I don’t mean what you looked like when you peered into the other side =P I’m talking about the concept of left and right. What I see in the mirror, is the opposite image that others are seeing. For example, if I decide to part my hair on the right (the right in the mirror), what everyone will see is a part on the left when you face them! (THis bugs me because I am forever questioning myself if I want something on the left in the reflection or what everyone else is seeing). Furthermore, if one were to alter this image to what everyone ELSE sees, then if you lifted up your left hand (while looking in the mirror), it would look like you were lifting up the opposite hand. You see? Oh my, what predicaments my brain try’s to sort through. Why not have it this way you might ask? Well, think about it this way, if you have a mirror that reflected the correct (in my opinion) way, then what were to happen if the mirror were very long? Then were would one find the logical point to which you find your image? Would it start at the middle? If so, you might walk away, and never see yourself again unless you came upon the exact location you began. However, what if you came across a mirror infinate in the dimension of length (You shouldn’t underestimate the possibilities of the future you know). You might have to travel forever to find your image, because they’re logically wouldn’t be a “middle”. Logically, the whole idea is illogical.

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Yeah same - it’s confusing x.x

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