What is the difference between a hurricane and a tsunami?

I was wondering what is the diffrence between a Sunami and a hurican? I was just wondering.

Answer #1

a sunami is a HUGE tidal wave the goes 150-300mph and can destroy a whole island or a few cities depending on the sizeā€¦

however, a hurricane ia a HUGE and powerful cyclone that feeds of of the warm waters (such as the Gulf of Mexico). it can reach wind speeds over 74mph and spins counter-clockwise and dies out an land and colder waters

Answer #2

A hurricane is a huge vortex that leads up to the sky and spining at like 150 mph. A tsunami is a huge tidal wave that there can be 1 of them or more. (I think)

Answer #3

omg how can you not know this. a hurricane is a step up from a tropical storm. a tsunami is a huge wave, usuall started by an underwater plate shift or earthquake

Answer #4

A tsunami is NOT a tidal wave.

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