What are some ways an asteroid/meteor impact would affect earth?

What are some ways an asteriod or a meteor would affect Earth?I have always wondered that.I tried looking it up,but I don’t get the results I want.Thanks!

Answer #1

Assuming it’s somewhat large and it hits land. It would give off large amounts of heat due to the friction caused on impact and heat that would’ve built up when it entered the atmoshpere. The impact would cause a shockwave similar to that off and explosion or and earthquake. Dust and possibly ash would be thrown into the atmosphere, how much and how high would vary depending on the meteorites size, composition and velocity as well as the area that it hit. The dust would act like a cloud and cause a shadow to be formed. The shadowed area would be colder than the surrounding area and if enough dust is thrown into the atmosphere it could cause what is called “Nuclear Winter”. This is where dust block so much sunlight that the temperature drops drastically and can cause an ice age. Not sure how but Acid rain can also be created. Finally, if the asteriod were big enough it could destroy a planet altogether or set fire the the atmosphere, leaving it lifeless.

Answer #2

Thank you!I was wondering like with huge ones.Like huge huge.now that I know,that kinda scares me.Lol!I hope this doesn’t happen real soon!I don’t think any one does.Lol!Thanks again!!!

Answer #3

It depends on the size of the asteroid and where it hit. If it was incredibly large it could knock the earth off it’s axis which would cause hotter or colder temps, melting icecaps turning land to desert ect. If it landed in the ocean there would be tidal waves ect. basically we would be pretty screwed if one hit of decent enough size. But small ones hit all the time! :-)

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