What can i do (without a doctor) to make this injury stop hurting?

so yesterday i completely wiped out during practice in the gym. I was the base and it slid out. I fell. it hurt. My ankle hit, then the inner corner of my knee slammed the floor (opposite direction of my ankle) and my hip got pulled awkwardly from the rest of my leg and most of my wieght fell onto that hip. I iced it all last night. Today my knee is swollen, but doesnt hurt, and my hip looks fine but is pulling and hurts really bad. it is sorta popping when i move it some ways. Any ideas on stretches or what i should do (not see a doctor) to help the situation? thanks

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I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it may be best to have a doctor check it out to make sure there are no fractures or anything like that. You probably need an x-ray.

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i was going to tell you how to do this, BUT it could tear other ligaments and things so i decided not to .

it sounds like your hip joint is possibly dislocated, and if that is the case you will need a doctor to look at it. it may eventually slip back in on its own- or it may not.

tell your parents and let them make the decision.

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ice on every place you hurt on for 20 minutes 0ff for 20 minute do that all day if its still swole and streching still hurts even if u really dont want to you should go see the doctor kuz u could have really hurt yourself and minor damages can always turn into ireverseable damages

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it only happened last night at softball, and i dont want to run to the doctors everytime i fall :/ if it isnt better by monday of course i am going... but i was hoping there was some stretching i could do for now, but i have no idea how to stretch my hip

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