What are ways to make your stomach stop hurting?

My stomach always hurts for some reason so do any of you guys know any ways to make it stop? I’ve heard ginger ale before but it dosent seem to help me..any suggestions?

Answer #1

Have you tried to take advil or tylenol

Answer #2

Go see a doctor. Constant pain is not something to ignore

Answer #3

Well I kinda had the same thing and it seems to be going around because a lot of my friends got it too..

Well Here is how mine stopped hurting V

Well take some meds like Advil OR

Go to the doctor and the doctor will give you something to make you stomach stop hurting. .. Because I had a stomach virus and I was vomiting a lot and so I went to the doctor and she gave me some meds that help me stop vomiting and it only worked for 4-6 hours and so I needed to take some more after 6 hours I took the first one

Answer #4

It would be easier to treat the problem if you knew what was causing it … however, ginger, peppermint, dry toast … all common methods for dealing with an upset stomach.

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