Knee is all grazed how to make it stop hurting?

Today at school, me and my friends were messing about, I asked my friend alanna to give me a piggy back ride so she did and then as we were going down the hill she tripped and we both fell and hit the floor! My knee is all grazed and sore! Any idea's of what I can put on it to make it stop hurting? Or will the pain just go away?

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If it was bleeding then clean, disinfect and cover it with gauze or etc if the air is making it sting. Beyond that there's not much you can do. Ice and anti inflammatories will relieve the swelling but that swelling is there to provide more blood to heal it faster. So that's up to you and how bad you need relief. Go easy on it even if you do get rid of the pain, so it can heal faster.

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Disinfect it. I know it's painful, but you have to wash it clean (I used to use a little brush whenever I got grass burns to first scrub it). Afterwords put on some anti-septic ointment and try leave it open.

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Cleaning and disinfecting would be most critical to making the pain stop. Ironically, its also THE MOST PAINFUL PROCESS of all... owwwie...

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Ice your knee and take ibuprofen (or some kind of anti inflamitory) that will keep a lot of your joint pain at bay. As for the scrape keep it clean and the pain will go away from that in time.

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