What can I do to make my neck stop hurting?

So like, I slept on my neck weirdly on Friday night and it’s been all achey and stiff and stuff, and I can’t bend it at all to the left side or turn my head without like, crying. Does anyone know any like, stretches I could do or medicine I could take or something that might make it stop hurting? If possible before Tuesday because I have to play soccer then and I don’t want my neck to be hurt for that. :) thanks.

Answer #1

THose are the worst!! You need to massage it, maybe use a heating pad, and keep trying to turn it even though it hurts. Keep doing that and it should be better by tuesday. You could take some excederine tension headache tht is what I use, it relaxes the muscles.

Answer #2

Oh honey i feel sorry for yew! Go get a good massage!

Answer #3

Oh honey i feel sorry for yew! Go get a good massage!

Answer #4

massage and turn your head even if it hurts then itll ge better quick or do somthing to take your mind off of it


Answer #5

Why dont u just ask ur bf 2 rub it? Btw i dnt think ur a girl, ik ur a guy, cute 1 :P

Answer #6

Lol thanks XD and he has, it’s still not any better :(

Answer #7

Thanks ^_^

Answer #8

Alrightie ^_^ thanks

Answer #9

you can put on the heat stuff and it relaxes your muscles but at the same time your neck is limp and cant hold your head up so your going to have to lay down for awhile to make it better

Answer #10

Hi Connor, I was just wondering if it was feeling any better today??

Answer #11

A tiny bit, not very much. Maybe by like, 0.1% :P

Answer #12

*dislike :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


Answer #13

I know :( sigh

Answer #14

awww, too bad I can’t help you out. I took some massage therapy classes. When you massage don’t only massage the neck where it hurts message the same side right under your shoulder above your shoulder blade… its hard to explain where. But that muscle is connected to the neck muscle. If you can find excederine PM that will help a lot too! They don’t sell it here anymore though. It has a lot of muscle relaxant in it. That is what helps you get to sleep.

Answer #15

Thankee. I’ll try to find that muscle maybe? And that..whatever that excederine PM stuff is XD :) Buuut…I don’t want to get to sleep very easily DD: This is my second last night in town (with internet) until Sunday. I NEED TO MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! >:3

Answer #16

Then only take like one per dose if you find it, unless you don’t have a high tolerance to med it shouldn’t make you too tired.

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Answer #18

you could massage it with tiger balm.

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