Do pickles have an evil overlord?

Well? Can I have some opinions?

Answer #1

Fred was evil overlord for over 900 years. Only in recent years did he become my pet and disowned me. He was then stabbed by you and died. But, at the beginning of Fred’s reign, the pickles declared that the evil overlord must always be a dachshund. You are breaking the sacred laws.

Answer #2

Obv Lol And I agree with britz14 :) His name was fred ,^^ Fizzpop12 You wont last long the pickles will take revenge on you XD .x

Answer #3

I dunno who she is. Or he. Anyway, being Freds previous owner the pickles have befriended me, all of them. They will rise up against you with me at their lead. By the way steph_is_utterly_mad sorry for cluttering up the thread… hehe, I hope you didn’t mind. We will stop now.

Answer #4

well, I killed those that opposed me. (Which was half of them) And I destroyed the prophecy and law against that. and no-one else tried to stand in my way.

Answer #5

I guess you don’t know how powerful I am. No one will dare rise up against me. I make Azula from Avatar look like an angel. Plus, I can take their immortality away. But no one can take mine away.

Answer #6

Who said. Before Fred was a monkey called Ella (Fred killed her), and before her, was a parrot called Polly. Guess what, Ella killed Polly.

Answer #7

Actually, Fred WAS the leader. But I killed him, (stabbed)  I’m planning to use his head as an offering to make the pickles, and myself, to become immortal. So no one can possibly kill me.

Answer #8

What are you thinking? Of course they do! He’s called Fred and he is a dachshund. He used to be my pet but then he ate my goldfish.. And he disowned me before I got the chance to do vice-versa.

Answer #9

Your name is Fred? And you are a dachshund? I thought you were my best friend… or one of them… but I am not so sure anymore. Kidding.

Answer #10

Yes, they do. And I am the ruler. Bow down towards me or witness the havoc I can create. All of my pickles will destroy the world. Mya ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha ha. (I need to work on my evil laugh.)

Answer #11

OHMYGODULAR! Don’t say “lol”!

Answer #12

no. pickles will rule the world, after the pineapples.

Answer #13

yes him and the cucumber are in cahoots I hear

Answer #14

I guess I’ve found a volenteer to be my first victim. lol.

Answer #15

You are truly evil. The pickles will rise up in a mutiny against you!

Answer #16

But the leader of the pickles must always be a dachshund… NOOO!

Answer #17

=] All a bit odd for u? lol I get that all the time!

Answer #18

what the HELL!?

Answer #19

What about the gherkin? Though they are smaller they are also much greener almost like criptonite? Huh did you think about that?

Answer #20

Pickles are the super heroes of vinegarized veggies, so no, they do not have an evil overlord. They are more of a consortium of well meaning vigilantes sanctioned by the various states - sort of like the Justice League.

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