Does anyone know how fried pickles taste?

If you could please rate their taste from a 1 to 10 scale.

Answer #1

They r good, just a little salty, bout a 6

Answer #2

I say a 5 there alrite

Answer #3

I think like a five, they are like in the middle, they don’t taste awesome, but you can’t complain about them. I guess you can just try them because you might like it more than I do, just because we have different things we like(:

Answer #4

I would have to say a 5 or a 6. The ones from this place called Texas Roadhouse are the best ones ever. You should try them. Can I say amazing????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #5

Fried pickles are awesome, I would a 9.

Answer #6

I would also rate them a 9, haha I love fried pickles.

Answer #7

Depends on how they are made. Fried pickles can be amazingly good.

The number one rule of Southern cooking is that nearly anything fried tastes good.

My wife doesn’t like fried pickles but she doesn’t like pickles either.

Answer #8

They are pretty good..but greasy..they are best breaded good and dipped in ranch dressing (:

Answer #9

Mmm…that sounds different diffnitely will give it a try when I go to Texas Roadhouse

Answer #10

Exactly where I had them! they are really good there.

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