Which is the lesser / least evil for a kid's lunch?

a] a delicious nutritious home made packed lunch that is either traded or thrown away but certainly not eaten.

b] a packed lunch of their choice that they will eat but shouldn’t

c] a lunch provided by the school [pizza / nachos and the like]

d] none of the above

Answer #1

A packed lunch of their choice is a little “unknown”.. It could be a lunchable?? That would be better than pizza or nachos at the school.. It could be left overs from lastnight.. which is better than school lunches… Or it could be just a bunch of ding dongs and a soda pop.. which in this case School lunch is better.. But.. Most children don’t throw their lunches away and go hungry.. Most children will eat a packed lunch Example: A turkey lunch meat sandwich with mayo, with a bad of doritos. and that’s much healthier and less expensive than a school lunch!!

Answer #2

If a child/teenager is hungry.. They will NOT throw their lunch away.. Maybe NOT eating will either teach them a lesson… or maybe not eating will be better for them that eating unhealthy food.. Right?!?

Answer #3

oh and ktisme is wrong depending… at least in middle school, plenty of kids will throw their lunch away. trust me I go there.

Answer #4


Answer #5


Answer #6

Compromise between a) and b) - get the children to help you plan the meals and let them understand their need for basic nutrition, but don’t forget that kids can hadle quite a lot of energy so let them have chips or a chocolate cookie every day - it won’t kill them and it will make them a bit more willing to eat the healthy stuff too, in my experience.

Answer #7

go with b but pick the better food that they like.

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