whats a good sandwich that tastes good with pickles??

I’m craving pickles at the moment whats a good sandwich that tastes good with pickles??

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Answer #2

tuna and pickles. mmm

and lettuce too, of course.

Answer #3

Yesenny, I’m talking about ‘Bread and Butter’ pickle slices - they are tangy sweet.

Answer #4

Peanut Butter and Pickles is REALLY!! good.

Also, Pickles with ham, chicken, or turkey cold cuts licks lips


Answer #5

lol nice. ok so im going to recomend one that sounds TOTALLY descusting but is actually alright lol. a lot of my friends who come over to my house eat it lol. Penut Butter and Pickle sandwich… sound descusting lol? well you should try it if you havent already. you would be surprised at how good it is [=

Answer #6

eww are you serious pickles with peanut butter? Id’ have to try it to believe it! >.< are you talking about jar pickles with that vingery taste??? ew. I don’t know what do I know if I’ve never tried it. Pickles in a salad, alone with a little salt and a lot of lemon, tuna…any fish, sandwhiches, subs

jar pickles on hot dogs and hambugers, even sand whiches, in a boiled potato salad with chopped boiled eggs, celery, olives, green onions, a little mayo, salt pepper. lol thanks about all I can think of right now.

Answer #7

penut butter sandwhich with pickles! its realy good!

Answer #8

Here is a weird one I got from my Dad. Bread and butter pickles and peanut butter sandwich. It took me many,many years to try it. It’s good.

Answer #9

how about pickles & coldcuts. something else that might sound weird is pickles & potato chips, it’s really good.

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