Vlassic pickle commercial

Ok.. So do you know the vlassic pickle commercial where this girl is sitting at a picnic table outside eating and she is startled and that stupid duck says the girl can’t help it.. Its a vlassic pickle. And that little girl is making crunchy noises eating that stupid pickle… Well that commercial makes me so angry and sick to my stomach at the same time. I just can’t stand hearing someone crunch on food!!! Eww.. Who agrees?

Answer #1

It would seem if it’s a crunchy-type food, it can’t be avoided - doesn’t bother me.

Answer #2

I agree with maxypoo, it really annoys me when I can hear someone chewing their food. It is sooo annoying… I try my best to block it out, but it drives me crazy, lol. I don’t know why, but it really bothers me a lot. Oh well. =] Hehe.

Answer #3

OMG I KNOW! its like, its a freakin crunchy pickle, not a shot gun, theres no reason for it to freak that chick out.

its so annoying, I hate that commercial too haha!

but hey, what can ya do right?

Answer #4

lol, I remember this stupid quiznos commercial, annoyed me so much I refused to eat there until the commercials stopped!

Answer #5

lol.. yah.. I just hate when you can hear people crunching things in their mouth… pickles, potato chips… etc.

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