How can people clinch their tongues in a constant fist?

Now here’s something I’m actually asking. I’m the type of person who says what’s on my mind & if pl don’t like wht I say, who cares(then again I sometimes epeack before I think xd) How can people stand not saying what’s on their mind? Why? I mean, I could see on certain occasions, but why on a day to day basis, letting their voice go unheard?

Answer #1

I don’t really speak my mind just for it’s usually more polite. I don’t think about myself I think of everyone else not what they think of me but if it would hurt them. I don’t like causing people to be less than happy.

Answer #2

just like you can speak your mind others cant its the same thing for them you find it weasy to speak your mind they find it easy to not speak theres and just let it go un-heard some reasons for that are
because there shy/nervouse dont want to upset people dont feel the need/cant be bothered have a fear of public speaking even o even other more seriouse problems depression can cause it too a bit theres lots of reasons, and it affects a lot of people

Answer #3

Not easily so I believe

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