Do guys like girls who wear a lot of make-up?

I want to know if guys think girls are attractive with a lot of make-up on, or do they like the natural look?

Answer #1

Every guy I know hate when girls wear tons of makeup! They say that they would like to see what you REALLY look like. And that they hate how it can get all over their shirt by just hugging someone who wears a bunch. So If you like to wear it, then wear it. But you should occasionally wear as little as possible, so guys can see your natural beauty!

Answer #2

I like girls with easy make up I dont like gilrs with heavy make up on I mean some times is nice whend just use oround your eyes on your lips but if you no use good cause I like better natural, all girls are pretty and I think you are no matter what for me natural is the best enjoy the life.

Answer #3

It dont even matter as long as you have confidence.. If you want to wear, wear it!!

Answer #4

itt dependss some boyss like girls who are natural and dont wear a lot of make up andd some like girls who doo.. it all depends on the lad :) hope this helps x

Answer #5

YA it depends

Answer #6

I DO like girls with a lot of makeup. For me, it is like applying a nice paint on the car. Of course, I don’t want clown look, but if they know how to apply nice colors and look stunningly gorgeous, I am all for it.

Answer #7

I like both natural and made up girl. If you feel dark, you can wing your eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyes down to your nose. These are reversible and many boy like it or at worst they’ll joke with you about it, given they are serious, so they’ll deserve you.

Answer #8

I have never met a guy who really cared

Answer #9

I like some make-up but not much. my opinion

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