What do you think girls is it ok for a guy to wear make up ?

I always wear a little and have since 14 . Foundation ,lipstick,eye shadow and mascara and blusher and some times liner get some silly comments but some nice ones from ladies and advice, Wife accepts it as norm
Also only wear perfume . I enjoy looking good in fact I wouldnt normaly go out with out my make up

Answer #1

thanks actingglover 31 for your valued reply

Answer #2

Thanks for that lilirae like to try and look nice

Answer #3

Hey, if you want to wear makeup, more power to you. I think it’s nice when someone is confident enough to wear what they want to, no matter what other people think of them. Its a bit strange to me, but one of my brothers wears makeup sometimes so I think its ok. Hope this helped.

Answer #4

I think you may be a little confused about your gender identity, but if it isn’t causing any problems in your life or with your marriage, don’t worry about it as long as you simply enjoy wearing it and you don’t feel an anxious impulse to do so. Everyone is different and some people really like to express how they feel with how they look. A popular style for some guys is longer ‘girly’ hair with side bangs and eyeliner, although I’ll admit I think it’s just a phase and one look that many young men will regret having. Kinda like the once popular and ‘sexy’ mullet or ‘man perm’ that everyone looks back on and cringes like ‘What was I thinking!!??’ A lot of guys wear chap stick but lip gloss is a little different. Some guys even use a dab of their wife/girlfriend’s foundation to cover a zit now and then, but they wouldn’t use it on their whole face everyday. Also, when you say you like to wear a little makeup and then list everything you use on a daily basis, it’s as much if not more makeup than what women wear. I’m not trying to bash you or tell you you’re crazy or weird, but I’m positive there’s an underlying reason as to why you wear makeup. Do you suffer with low self esteem? Or perhaps you see putting on makeup like putting on a mask. You think you’re expressing how you feel and see yourself, but really you’re just trying to ‘cover up’ what you don’t want people to see.

Answer #5

jlw82 thanks for you reply I have always felt like this and just like a girl enjoy looking nice and takin the the time to do it maybe my hormone balace is wrong and im more femine but I like what I am that is maybe why I also have little body hair and a very light beard growth but I have a good wife a three lovely daughters that I wouldnt change for any thing

Answer #6

It maybe gender bending certain stereotypes but whatever. To each his own. Why are women allowed to wear makeup without anyone thinking that is weird? As long as you’re fine with it, dont worry about it too much. Males in certain native american tribes used face painting. You are allowed to be whatever you want to be. It’s funny, I just went to a gender seminar. They were discussing these very issues. And you know, most of the stuff they found out about gender was that most of the stuff we think we know is wrong. So basically they found out that we dont know much. You do and be whoever you want to be. I would be careful, people are well not fond of people who do not conform (thats why we pathologize people for it), but it doesnt make it wrong.

Answer #7

thanks ty for your nice comments I agree every one should be able to wear what ever they like women have this privilege its just men that dont

Answer #8

power to you. I commend you for having the confidence to wear makeup, but also jlw82 might have a little of a point. are you trying to cover up something else?

Answer #9

personally I think it is weird and unattractive for a male to wear makeup, but if that’s what you like and your wife doesn’t mind then all the more power to ya! :)

Answer #10

Thank you sunshineyx3 I think girls look great with or with out make up and guys should have the same choice I belive that both genders are equal and should be treated as such and each should respect the other gender

Answer #11

Well here’s to more open mindedness in the future. I’ll admit, it used to kinda bother me. Gender bending is still not the most comfortable thing for me, but I’m working on it and I know it is my issue not anyone else’s. Just be careful, people are stupid and you dont want to get hurt. I heard too many horror stories at the seminar.

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