Guys. What do you like better??

Guys what do you like better on a girl. Lets use me as an example.NATRUAL no makeup no straighting hair (= curly. ) nothing. ALMOST NATURAL no makeup but straightens hair NOT NATURAL wears quite a bit of makeup to make it look slightly unatrual straightens hair. REALLY NOT NATURAL. You can tell theres a lot of makeup and straightens hair.

Answer #1

I like natural mostly… I don’t mind make-up but I don’t like it when the girl looks like someone gave her two black eyes. remember, less is more.

Answer #2

I’m a girl but I would say whatever YOU feel good in!!! Guys respect confidence and hate shy girls. Be social and flaunt your stuff!!!

Answer #3

I like natural cause I will now what you look like normal and I think you should only not b if its something important like a date wedding court stuff like that

Answer #4

natural or almost natural

Answer #5

Natural is best (in MY eyes) bc it shows that the girl knows shes cute just the way she is and wont chance just to please others

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