Do guys like girls wearing makeup and heels?

Do guys like it when a girl would wear make up and heels? Like I usually dressup so perfectly.. Tight jeans heels and fulll makeup .. Would guys like it ? And do guys like the skin 2 be shown off or not?

Answer #1

Guys do like those things, but don’t cahnge for a guy. If your already the type of person to wear makeup and such (as you said above) Just don’t try to hard, and always remember to be yourself. Guys don’t like it when you try to hard.. Also, if the heel is to high, it could make you look like a tramp, and no one wants that.

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Answer #2

depends upon the overall personality of that girl but most of the time…extent of makeup and high heel irritates…;-)

Answer #3

‘’I dare say most men prefer a more natural beauty than someone caked in make up’’

New Jersey men notwithstanding, of course. Other than that, I would agree.

Answer #4

it depends on the guy. but I dare say most men prefer a more natural beauty than someone caked in make up. People who are within that “catagory” are usually just viwed as sex symbols and not girlfrined material.

Answer #5

I dont like girls who wear make up. I like girls who are naturally beautiful and dont need to “make-up” for their face

Answer #6

Of course. As long as your makeup isn’t overdone and and as long as you don’t look like a clown. And they do like heels I’ve heard. Sometimes it also depends on the guy and I heard guys like it when it looks like you at least put a little effort in your appearance. That’s just what I’ve heard though

Answer #7

it depends on the guy…everyone is different

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