What smell do guys like girls to smell like ?

Lol, like what perfumes and what not ?
I'm just wondering(:

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I always liked the scent of lemon, vanilla, lavender, or ginger.

it makes me want to just hug you girls for no reason.

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I think they don't care what you were as long as you smell good. But some guys like to ghave there girls smeel sweet or somtimes fruity

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Vanilla and Musk Oil.


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Most guys I know honestly like a very sweet, natural fruity smell, more of a light body spray than a harsh perfume, which sucks because that's not the kind of perfume I like at all. So, you gotta think, are you wearing a perfume so a guy likes it or are you wearing it because you like it? I can't figure that one out. LOL

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I wear promise me aeropostale perfume and my boyfriend loves it. try it out!

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I don't think they care about what perfumes we wear, as long as we smell good. :)

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I Was Talking To SOme Guys ABout This Last Week, Thay All Agreed That They Love Vanilla? But Im Not a Guy So, This Might Not Matter ;o

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i like my women to smell like steak or a good hamburger smell then maybe we can take it a little farther

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lol.. you like them dirty hoes huh?

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