Does Europe not support Americans?

Are we both against each other cause’ people keep saying eurpeans don’t support americans. I know, I know. This is so familar as the french question. I like the british and they seem kind when I saw them on this site.

Answer #1

Awww honey… Its a shame that we have to live in a world where this reality exists, and hopefully one day, the enmity will be gone. I think that people in general are not against other nations, the problems arise with what takes place between those two countries, and the leaders have much to do with dealing with or creating the problem. World affairs are very tedious, indeed, and noway would I want to be a leader in any country, including my own. It is way over my head, but, I will tell you that from my heart, I am not against anyone, we have all sinned and are in need of a savior, leaders included. And one bad leader does not speak for the multitude of people over which he rules. May God be with us in the coming days and years, as we all face more and more problems, both abroad and at home. He is the answer…

Answer #2

The primary job of every government is to act in their country’s national interest. They don’t exist to “support” American national policy; especially when it goes against their interests.

Answer #3

it’s not that we don’t support americans as people but i dont know anyone here in the uk that agrees with american foreign policy…even though our govt did support the war there has been a huge backlash

Answer #4

When it comes to the world the typical American doesn’t know much. Public schools generally teach only American history so the typical American’s perspective is the world began with the Pilgrims arriving in Plymouth. Americans think WE won WWI and WWII when in both cases Russia took the brunt of losses and effectively won the war; we entered after the enemy was already softened up and took the glory. Some Americans literally believe that the US is God’s chosen people; sometimes they refer to the US as the “new Isreal.” American is a young nation that lacks much of the cynicism of Europe and the British Isles; we believe we are always right and it is our job to spread the goodness of American style capitalsim and democracy across the globe in a modern version of manifest destiny.

Answer #5

Good answer fillet of spam :-) Why does America think it is the center of the universe? It’s not - I am :-)

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