How can I deal with people chewing gum loud?

It drives me totally insane when people chew gum like cows. It distracts me and pisses me off. Anyone know how I can deal with it or what to do because it drives me a-wall.

Answer #1

Just stare at them & tell them to chew with their mouth closed lol that’s what I do. I can’t stand that.

Answer #2

OMG i can’t stand that!!!! i dont know what to tell you to do because i get pissed off too! even if i can hear someone eating food..yuck! and its like the sound of all the chewing overpowers everything else in the room lol..if its people i know i will tell them but other than that..i dont know what else to do myself..dont want to be rude..but omg i can’t stand it at

Answer #3

Tell them to chew with their f*cking mouth closed because it’s revolting and they look like an obese, dirty, ugly cow. Problem solved.

Answer #4


Answer #5

I tend to do that, but I don’t mean to , I just get into the moment and don’t pay attention and start chewing loud.

Answer #6

What? It’s disgusting, they need to know. You can’t break these things to people lightly, because then they’ll take it lightly.

Answer #7

Maybe they don’t realise they’re doing it? like the comment above.. she doesn’t mean to do it.. so you don’t have to be so mean about it :/

Answer #8

Politely hoold out your hand, and have them remove the gum from their mouth into your hand, then go wash your hands. Upon return explain to them that they can continue to chew gum in your presence only wen they chew it correctly.

Answer #9

So then she should be told that she IS doing it and that it’s disgusting.

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