Does it bother you to hear people chewing?

I’ve had this issue since I was in second grade and I really want to deal with it. I have a therapist, but he doesn’t help me at all. Do you have any tricks to help me deal with this on my own?

Answer #1

Yeah, chew louder.

Answer #2

omg verrrrrrrrryyyyyyy i cant stand it, i actually stand up and leave the table sometimes when its gets to bad >_<

Answer #3

Yeah, Thanksgiving is coming up and my family is TERRIBLE with it. My grandpa will go up to us and eat celery in our ears >.<

Answer #4

my dad does it just to piss me off >_< i hate it

Answer #5


Answer #6

mine does that to me too! I sit in a different room than my friend while eating and he starts yelling at me to go and sit with her. Earplugs are marvelous.

Answer #7

Tell em “that sounds nice” with a disgusted look on ya face…at least it makes em think.

Answer #8

Yes, I can’t stand it, I always wanna say “get some manners”

Answer #9

I hate it//:

Answer #10

Everytime I hear someone doing that I just stare at them until they stop or say close your mouth when you chew

Answer #11

lol yes thats a great idea, cant believe i didbt think of it, earplugs its is!

Answer #12


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