How do deal with all the immature people

How do deal with all the immature people in this f!@#$%% world

Answer #1

I just want to compliment chrome princess,, I do agree with what you said,, after all you yourself know what is true,, =)

Answer #2

I understand how annoying and irritating they can be but you can’t change who they are so it’s best to just avoid them if possible.

Answer #3

You realize that you can’t change them, and remind yourself that you don’t have to affected by it if you don’t choose to be.

You can’t control how other people behave, but you can control how you react to it.

Live and let live.

Answer #4

Be gracious, accept their shortcomings, smile, and move on.

Answer #5

Ignore them. It’s the easiest way and simplest. Their main goal is to annoy you. And if you let them, your giving in to what they want. Ignoring them will make them mad and also cause them to give up. Remember to not even look nor talk to them, this will also cause you to see how immature they really are, and make it easier for you to just ignore them

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