How can I deal with the feeling of losing people?

like if we hang out everyday then i dont go for a lot of months and i worry about my mom, shes not dying but shes 50 and im only 13 i want her to see her grandchildren cas i didnt get to see my grandma and grandpa on my dads a lot and i never met hers. I just cant get over them being … gone . I dont want to get older cas i dont want them to go. or me to go.

Answer #1

I think we all have this fear of loosing the ones we hold dear & close to our hearts especially family members! the fact of matter is that no one lives on forever…its the facts of life! We are all for a certain amount of time & have to enjoy the time we do have with those we love. Only problem is we waste that precious time wondering what we need to survive & plan poorly for the future…it’s all about the here & now.

My best advice to you is as follows…

  1. Accept that you cant change what is meant to happen someday.
  2. Try to spend as much time as you can with the people that mean the world to you for you already know that they wont be around forever.
  3. Spend less time fighting & arguing about the little things & see the bigger picture, you cant change them, you can only change the way you fit in with them so that drama doesnt get in your way!
  4. Simply let them go when the time comes, holding the most important thing you have left…pictures, video’s, letters & most of all memories.

I wish you all the best & hope that this advice helps.

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