What chewing gum has the longest lasting flavor???

Okay I am forever chewing gum in class and I hate it when it has no flavor in it after like and hour of chewing it sooo are there any brands out there that are good??? Thanks sooo much!!!

Answer #1

Winter Fresh Gum Not sure when’s the last time I saw that, let alone even chewed a piece But from what I remembered it was the best. It’s the blue package with mountains on it

Or 5 or even stride.

Answer #2

5 gumm, I lovee it! ask anyone, they’ll tell you. it doesnt last for a couple of hours, it lasts for however long you chew it.. :D

Answer #3

TRIDENT LAYERS!!! But dom’t chew it in class, not cool JB

Answer #4

I suggest you chew on Stride or Solstice 5. Best Taste ever for couple hours of chewing. :)

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