Why is it always the people with the bad breath that turn down gum?

like, if u offer gum to someone who doesnt really need it, they will take it, but when its someone who really does need it they just wont take it. do they intentionally do it just to p!ss you off? i dont get it. and why does it always have to be the insanly attractive people? i would expect a smell like that to come from an unatractive person.

Answer #1

an unattractive person can be attractive to someone else, bad cleanliness doesnt come from just a certain person, maybe they dont want the gum because they just dont want it at the time.

Answer #2

i get that part, but any other time they take the gum, when there breath is totally fine, then the exact time when there breath is gross they decide not to take the gum, idk its to much of a coinsidence to me

Answer #3

It just happens, meaby they don’t realize it themselfs and just don’t want gum that day. It could also be that they might get offended or something and simply not take it because they might be imbarasses.

Answer #4

and as for the unatractive thing, i dont mean like literally unactractive but just like if someone doesnt look clean, is what i ment like rob pattinson looks dirty but hes not, and then jenn anston is so pretty and looks clean, but people were saying that she has bad coffde breath. but i didnt mean like “ugly” unnatractive i dont really know how to explain it

Answer #5

ohhh, i understand what you mean now.

Answer #6

I almost never chew minty gum, so when people offer it to me, I nearly always decline. I never realized that people offer it to me because my breath stinks. That is seriously embarassing to realize, especially when I always thought they just offered it to be polite D:

Answer #7

lol mabey your breath doesnt stink, mabey they ARE just being polite, or does it happen often? like more than one person doing it? i dont expect you to answer that if u dont want i was just asking because mabey your breath is fine but if it is often mabey its not. but that might not be the case

Answer #8

LOL…..GOOD QUESTION!!!! Sadly, NOONE can come up with a answer 2 this one!

Answer #9

It’s really not that often, and it’s usually when the person is getting gum for themselves, so hopefully it’s just them being polite, lol. Personally, I don’t like gum, so that’s why I say no.

Answer #10


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