Will my Muslim man leave if I go back to Catholicism?

I was catholic but now muslim can I go back to catholic and if I do will my muslim man leave me ? can he siting any religious rules?

Answer #1

Under Shar’ia (Islamic law): Islam means submission, and the Quran makes it clear that Muslims expect non-Muslims to submit to Islam - knowing this, I would use extreme caution…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

RELIGION is something very serius , and you cant just change your DIVINITY , well dont know what to say …

Answer #3

For all the Christians:

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I’m apalled. Several messages have been nuked, and I’m locking this now.

Answer #4

Can you leave the Catholic church and then go back? Yes. Will your Muslim man leave you? There’s no way for anyone here to know that. If you don’t trust him enough to discuss this with him, maybe you should be the one thinking about leaving.

Answer #5

amblessed - it depends on the country. Some countries if the man is Muslim, the wife doesn’t need to be Muslim, can be Christian & not need to convert. Under this scenario, the kids are considered legitimate even if there is no conversion by the woman.

However, if the woman is Muslim, then the man must convert if their kids are to be considered legitimate.

Given the above, yep, it’s a bit sexist…then again, so are a lot of the Catholic rules I’m familiar with :)

Answer #6

The Catholic church will take you back if you choose too. Weather you do or not depends on whats more important to you: your husband or your faith.

Answer #7

honestly, I know pretty much nothing about religion, but I THINK, that once you decide to leave the catholic church you’re out for good. and nobody can really tell you if your muslim boyfriend will leave you, frankly because it’s a personal issue and his decision, right?

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