Is cuddling with your girlfriend a sin?

is cuddling with your gf a sin?

Answer #1

not at all

Answer #2

It really depends on what you believe is a “sin”, but in my book, there is nothing wrong with cuddling.

Answer #3

probably. ISn’t everything a sin?

Answer #4

in a purist society then yes

Answer #5

isnt pretty much everything a sin :O

adoring a pop star or movie icon = idolizing a mortal = sin going to an all you can eat restaurant = gluttony = sin trying to get a better job so you make more money = greed = sin

i could go on….

Answer #6

I don’t go by the rules of “sin”, I go by my own thoughts and ideas on different things being morally correct and whatnot. To me, cuddling is an act of affection, and is not in any way morally incorrect. Don’t give in to what people around you are saying, have your own thoughts. If you think it’s wrong, then that is your decision to make, no one else’s. We are all free wills.

Answer #7

if we had true free will we could turn back time :P

Answer #8


Answer #9

That is the 8th sin, they just added that one to the 7 deadly sins.

Answer #10

I said free will, not magic powers. We make our own choices, and should have the freedom to our own thoughts too, despite what the media and numerous governments around the world are trying to do to stop that.

Answer #11

no its actually nr. 456 the 8th sin is funadvice :O

Answer #12

and the rest are just filler and modifications to suit the preachers needs :P

Answer #13

Oh, I thought the 8th sin was peeing in the pool.

Answer #14

it depends on your religion but for the most part no….it’s not having sex or being innapropriate you’re just spooning with the person you care for

Answer #15

Depends on your religion, I’d say. Ask a preacher of your own faith for details. I can’t commit a sin. I could only do something immoral or I could break a law. Because I’m an Atheist. We don’t have sins over here. :-P

But there’s probably no law against cuddling your girlfriend, as long as she likes it. Except if you live in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia it is unlawful for a man to meet in private with a woman he isn’t married to.

And cuddling your girlfriend isn’t immoral either. Except if you force it on her.

bye the sheep

p.S: Come to the dark side! We have cookies!

Answer #16

We may have cookies, but when I joined, I was told that just because they were there, didn’t mean new comers actually got any. Rip off. The grass is still greener on this side though.

Answer #17

it depends… on some religions a simple cuddling is a sin. what is your religion?

Answer #18

okay before i answer can i know wht is ur religion??? And wht country do u live in???

Answer #19

I don’t think so, if it is, it’s not a smart one becase I don’t understand how hugging or just getting close to your girlfriend is something bad.

Answer #20

well they gave me hash(ish) browns some dirty money won from illegal horse racing tons of Region 5 DVD’s a signed photo of satan with the 4 horsemen….. they also offered me 42 virgins… they were on offer that week….

Answer #21

i didnt need the virgins so i sold them off to slave traders thus engraving my name in the 7th circle of hell :P

Answer #22

Then you joined the antisocial fraction of the dark side? I’m on the pseudo-social fraction. We give cookies to newcomers, so the newcomers become fat and ugly and we don’t. evil grin

Answer #23

informer: virgins are lame. bitches are much more fun.

Answer #24

wearing cotton is a sin, so you better start stripping… oh wait that’s also a sin.

Answer #25

why do you think i sold em off??? no we usually kick the living day lights out of new comers…the irony of this is i created this fraction so im the only one not to get his beaten XD i love my job… whack! whack… P.s we gotta stop the spam :S

Answer #26

Well people seem to day that every day.

Answer #27

No. =] It’s not seen anywhere in the Bible that ‘cuddling’ your girlfriend is a sin. x] Sex is a different matter, though. ><

Answer #28

a sin is an act that goes against the laws of love therefore love can not be a sin.

Answer #29

laws of love? you high or something?

Answer #30

Cuddling? Sorry but that’s not a sin. Cuddling isn’t a sexual activity. Clothes aren’t removed, certain actions aren’t taken….. Cuddling is just affection shared between to people who are in love, you’d kiss your girlfriend. You’d hug her. Those aren’t sins.

Answer #31

what? Can anyone talk about love without being high in spirt?

Answer #32

It’s a sin if you speak to her. A sinner is a liar so everything you speak is a sin. There’s nothing you can do without sinning after God made your flesh corrupt in the DNA. He needs to change the DNA to stop the power that deceives your thoughts but he only does this with his chosen saints after the messiah was killed.

Answer #33

Hell no…

Answer #34

im the same way.i hav my morals and i know the differnece between wat i think is right and wrong. showing ur care for eachother in a a sweet way is fine.

Answer #35

tru stuff

Answer #36

coming from a Christian. no it’s not

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