Which Seven Deadly Sin have you commited?

Its just a question,but which one do you think you have commited..And be honest!

Answer #1

well its impossible for one person on this earth to say they have never ever commited at least one of them.

and yeah id say probable all.

Answer #2

PRIDE Vanity Lust Wrath from time to time Sloth & Envy ( a few times) In that order from most frequently to less

Answer #3

I’m not sure what they are, but I’ve never killed, raped, or otherwise intentionally caused someone great harm.

I don’t restrain myself arbitrarily.

Answer #4

the other one is gluttony. Hmm Lust and envy the most to be honest.

Answer #5

Out of those this might be my list

Pride Lust Sloth Envy Wrath Vanity

What’s the other one?

Answer #6

lol I think all of them its not sinning its just…living (:

Answer #7

im pretty sure I’ve done most of them however, I dont consider them “deadly”, or “sins” its just life

Answer #8

Envy. sometimes I get really jealous of the things other people have and I dont appreciate what I have.

Answer #9

All of them…at least once.


Answer #10

jcrod the other one is anger

Answer #11

All of them…sorry to say.

Answer #12

…all of the above…

Answer #13

just one? I’ve probably committed them all… not so sure about greed…

Answer #14

All except Gluttony and Vanity.And im being honest. :)

Answer #15

I’m pretty sure I’ve broken all of those as well as all of the commandments. (btw, “thou shalt not kill” doesn’t necessarily mean KILL, but cause harm to others. I’m not a murderer O.o )

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