Quiz on sinful nature?

Where is this scripture found in the bible?

“[Life by the Spirit] So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”

Answer #1

It’s pretty clear that it’s not an actual question in the sense the site is designed for, though. You’re not looking for ‘Advice’, ‘Fun’ or not.

Answer #2

Sorry… it seems quiet approaite for a category that clearly states it is for religion/spirituality… and the bible fits right in the middle of that.

Answer #3
  1. Daily “I want to go to heaven so I am giving you the word of god” quiz

  2. Daily “I can quote the bible, can you” quiz

  3. Daily “just for christians” quiz

  4. Daily “I can only discuss the bible” quiz

  5. Daily “Look what a good christian I am” quiz

or the BEST answer for “What would you prefer that I call it ?”

how about QUITS.

Answer #4

What would you prefer that I call it ?

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