What do you think, is humping a sin?

I’m just wondering if humping is a sin. What if you don’t think about anything while you’re humping something, is it still a sin? Can you ask for forgivness even if you did it anyway?

Answer #1

It is not a sin to have sex. God made it for us to enjoy. it bcomes sin when it is done outside the context of marriage. adultery is basically having sex with anyone other that ure hussband/wife, including yourself(mastubation).

Answer #2

Stop being so damn AFRAID of your religion. You can do whatever you want to, as long as you don’t hurt anybody or breake the law. Basically.

Answer #3

Eh I would say there’s nothing wrong with humping. I mean if you’re humping a person when they don’t want you to that might be a problem… Otherwise I think you’re ok.

Answer #4

you you mean dry humping or having sex? either way, according to christianity it doesnt matter what you do regardless of wether its a sin because all you have to do is repent, accept jesus, ect and all if forgiven

Answer #5

shakes head

…geez… the fear instilled in some people is hilarious…

Answer #6

lol what an odd question.

humping is fine.

hump the air.

Answer #7

It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. There aren’t any gods obsessing over human sexuality.

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Answer #9

Actually: According to the bible, it says that “I would rather have you lay your seed in a prostitute than on the ground” so mastubation is a no no. So humping for sexual gratification is a no no if you are a Christian or whatever. Which seems really silly to me. If sex were meant for just pro-creation, then why do women have a clitoris’? Why does sex feel good?

Go for it dude.

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