Would playing poker be a sin?

Just wondering, would playing poker be a sin? Is it kind of like gambling? I know most religions don’t recomend gambling to be part of people’s lifestyles. I know in my religion, we don’t gamble. I’m just wondering if that goes for poker also.

Answer #1

In your religion if you’re not allowed to gamble then no you wouldn’t be able to play poker (unless it’s not for money and just for fun). But I’ve never read anything about gambling in the bible.

Answer #2

The good ol’ bible doesn’t say anything about gambling

Answer #3

Don’t listen to these fanatics, most religions will tell you not to gamble, who cares gamble as much as you want religion is just another cult.

Answer #4

I’m female not male. I loved the answer to the question. I was just curious if poker was actually a sin.Sorry, I didn’t mean to correct you.

Answer #5

you can play poker with just chips and no real cash so if its just a game its just a game I never like people telling me what was right or wrong I’ve always decided for myself

Answer #6

any form of game that includes wagering is considered gambling… I cant see playing poker without betting… and if you’ve bet, then you’ve gambled…now refer to the different religions and their viewpoints on gambling…

Answer #7

not fanatical… she asked if playing poker was kinda like gambling. I replied that I think poker is gambling…as far as being a sin, well it depends on the different religions …s he said they dont gamble in HER religion, but she also didn’t qualify it as a sin in HER religion either…so not fanatical just factual …the rules of poker require the player to wager therefore its gambling..THAT alone answers thequestion I think and as far I’m concerned there is only ONE cult BLUE OYSTER CULT! LOL

Answer #8

duh of course it is you cheat people out of money are sum shiznits like that haha

Answer #9

No. Poker is not a sin.

Answer #10

yup sry edited already (blush)

Answer #11

in islam it is forbidden , especially if it was on money ( gambling )

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