Re-designing my Bedroom

My bedroom is halfway between being re-designed. I have it in a mostly beach theme, but I want to make it shabby-chic too. The only things that can’t be replaced are the bedding, which it white with sea-shell pillows, and the paint, which is blue. I’m up for anything, so help me make my room a shabby-chic beach house!

Answer #1

lights are gr8, - long ones across the ceiling and spotlights are cool (although not really beach house lol) what about a rug, have a look 4 wot you like at your local rug shop… cool lava lamp or something dunno wot else, ill think

Answer #2

-Fake Palm Trees -Beach Balls hanging from the cieling -Surfboard in the corner -Colored Lights hanging around the cieling -Fold Up Chairs - the modern looking ones that are curved -Shaggy Rug -Tiki Lights -Turn a Tiki Bar into a desk -Fishnet (painted pink or blue) hanging from the wall - you can pin pictures of you and your friends and family to it, along with sea shells, flowers, etc.



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