What designs can I do on my bedroom walls so they arn't plain?

My room is bright lime green. I planned on doing pink and orange designs on the walls but cant think of anything that would look right. I thought abt polka dots but that seems a little child-ish to me. Im not really a girly girls but I happen to love all bright colors. I’m 14 and want to make my room look really good so I can have somewhere to hang out with my friends. Also not be embarressed when people come in my room.

Answer #1

there are a lot of things like: you can splatter paint you can paint swirls you can put just random lines things like that :D

Answer #2

What I like to do, is go to a hobby lobby, or wal-mart or whereever you can buy cheap craft supplies, and get some stencial. I like to overlap diamonds, like a square and then a diamond in a square, or something like that. May seem kinda dumb, but when you acually think about it. It looks kinda cool. (coming from the girl that has been known for painting her walls all kinds of different colors.) Another suggestion would be to have the top have of your wall blue, and bottom half, stripes of blue and brown, with then black lines seprating them. Like I said, seems weird, but its cute. :]

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