Why the internet connectin doesn't work on my laptop?

Well, I've a desktop and a laptop Toshiba satellite. the internet connection is working very well on the desktop but when I connect it with the laptop, I've no connection with internet. I dont know where the problem exists ?

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shall I re-set up the connection even if the network adapter is already read by windows from Control panel >> Device manager ???

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how are you connecting your laptop to the internet? router or just plugging it into the spare ethernet port on the pc?

edit:... ok that post wasnt there when I posted this ;)

I take it your just unplugging the ethernet cable from the pc and plugging it into your laptop?

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what happens when you skip the switch... just go straight from teh router to the lappy so we can iron out a faulty switch?

is the laptops onboard lan enabled in teh bios?

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let me first check out what u've said, but I think every thing is ok !

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From the router to a switch then to my laptop's lan !!

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yep clawjaw, it's happening by using the same ADSL cable !

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You may need certain drivers based on service provider or you may just need to set up the connection on laptop.

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Have you set up the connection so your computer reads it?

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