Scientists vs Christians

do you think scintests and christiations have a similar understanding via bible,let’s say for an example do they both believe that there is life after death,as christiations do,do they believe that there is a placed called hell?

Answer #1


Surely you mean Christians.

You can’t ask if scientists as a whole believe in hell or the bible. Some do, and some don’t. There are christian scientists, just as there are atheistic scientists.

Answer #2

Take a peek at “The Priveledged Planet”…the scientists who study the universe seem to have a FAR better idea of the possibilty of “God”, or a “Power”, than most people…the very fact that they comprehend the incomprehendable…is in itself an amazing thing…

Very interesting.


Answer #3

Just goes to show ya, that no matter how far back a person goes…everybody believed in something MORE than themselves…

Answer #4

Over and over science instead of proving God does not exist, it proves we are GOD breathed

No… it doesn’t…

Answer #5

An lot of scientists are also Christian. However, the Bible is a religious book, not a scientific paper. Scientists do not use the Bible for science anymore than pastors use biology texts for their sermons.

Answer #6

Over and over science instead of proving God does not exist, it proves we are GOD breathed and this video is one of my favorite ways to show it!

Answer #7

Science deals with ‘HOW’ THINGS HAPPEN.

A scientist’s religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) are a different area. It is the religious people that are trying to push into the realm of science. Unfortunately the only ‘HOW’ that they bring to the table is ‘Because of God and his will.’ If they want to teach Sunday school and their life values to their families, then that is their business. But if they want to enter the science realm of ‘HOW’ things happen, it is a problem.

Answer #8

and religion will never be able to prove God

jettntx- so that fact that laminin happen to be in the shape of a cross, that by the way may not have been the same shape as the one he died on, thats suppost to prove God?

looks like a staff of Hermes to me. guess that means Hermes created man. It take actual prof not surcumsatacial happenstance

Answer #9

science and religion is completly different. sure a scientens can be christian but it dosen’t mean his findings are different than anothers facts are facts.

Answer #10


it all depends on the scientist. There are some to prove the bible, some to prove in other religions or disprove religion, as well as to prove or disprove in older scientific theories & to creat new ones. It just all depends.

Answer #11

If you ask me, science isn’t looking all to good for the christians.

Actually common sense has been able to explain almost every thing about origins of god worship.

Answer #12

…and the cross was a Pagan symbol, before Christianity adopted it.

Answer #13

Sure, I know Scientists that are Christians who believe they coinside / compliment one another.

Answer #14

here’s the problem with asking questions that puts religion against science: science will never be able to prove that a god doesn’t exist, and religion will does not believe in the work of men over god.

I’m sick of questions like this because there is no answer.

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