Christian vs catholic??

Ok heres the thing my whole family is catholic and im the only one who has strong feelings towards christianity I hated going to church ever since I was little and when I started attending a christian church I completly changed in a good parents said its ok its my life and my choices but sometimes I wonder if converting religions is bad?

Answer #1

its to different religions..

Wowww… that’s just… daaamn… >_<

Answer #2

its to different religions..

Answer #3

yep, catholics ARE christians. What makes you think they are not?

Answer #4

Catholics are christians too…

Answer #5

Catholics are Christians …

Answer #6

no its absolutely not a bad thing. I never went to church but I always believed in Jesus and knew that there was a God somewhere. then finally I found a church and God changed my life. do what you feel is the right thing to do and just pray for God’s strength and guidance. its a really good thing that your parents aren’t fighting you about converting. my mother fought me for over two years, then started attending the church I attend! so just keep believing what you believe and fight the good fight of faith!

Answer #7

Paganism vs Christinaity???

Hmmm now thats an arguemnt

Answer #8

its nawt bad because I converted 2. its important 2 b your own person and don’t follow what you don’t believe and I’ve ben happier at da cristian church I don’t know what it is but I like it tho

Answer #9

Its not bad if you dont consider it bad.

I dont believe in god or any of that sh!t so I think as long as your okay with what your doing then its fine.

My parents are Catholic and im Athiest so I converted & I dont find it bad.

Answer #10

its to different religions..

NO, it isn’t…it’s a different DENOMINATION of christianity…just like protestant etc.

You’re still Christian if you’re catholic.

Answer #11

christians believe and follow the teachings of christ… catholics believe and follow the teachings of christ… presbyterians believe and follow the teachings of christ… etc…

that does not seem to hard to follow…

Answer #12

ok let me clear this up. the christan faith came from the jewish beliefs. the only MAJOR difference between jews and christians.. are that christians believe that jesus WAS the son of God. Jews do not believe this.

ok, the christian church has split many times each creating a slightly different view on the christian beliefs.. for example the church of england aka the Anglican church, believe that priest are allowed to get married, and that divorse is acceptable. his originated from henry the 8th when he decided he wanted a different wife. personally I am a catholic however as I believe just becuase he was a king doesnt mean he had the right to create his own religion.

other splits in the christian church include - methodists prodistants quakers greek authidox


BUT they Are all still christians.

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