Can a christian marry/date/be in a relationship with an atheist?

Answer #1

Yeah, there’s actually a member on here that had a relationship like that, pretty sure she was married to him but she doesn’t come on anymore it seems.

More importantly, the only thing they didn’t really talk about was their religious beliefs because they would usually debate but as far as everything else, they seemed to be just right for each other.

Answer #2

I don’t see any problem with it,Casey..We are all same inside and outside to a point..Our beliefs may differ but it’s what is in a person’s heart that matters..Some people may or may not agree with this type of relationship,but to each their own..It depends on how one feels about the other..It’s sort of like dating/marrying/relationships with other people of different nationalities/skin color..All depends on the person.. Take Care..

Answer #3

From the Bible in 2 Corinthians 6:14: Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what partnership has light with darkness?

Answer #4

YES. Who cares what people believe in, if you love someone…it is not going to matter.

Answer #5

That’s a bit ignorant. Please don’t start spamming Christian attacks at me please, guys. We are all entitled to what we think and we should all respect that.

Answer #6

Variety is the spice of life. It all comes down to LOVE not religion.

Answer #7

I’m christian my boyfriend Is athiest . God says don’t judge others, He has his reasons for what he believes In , as long as YOU don’t stop belivening god, I think It is just fine. I don’t push my belifes onto him and he doesn’t push his onto me.. We both respect what the other belives in.

Answer #8

Yes. If both are tolerant about it.

But if either partner believes that the other partners beliefs/concepts are wrong and inferior to his own, then the relationship will not work out.

Also, the christian should be member of a christian church that accepts his or her marriage to a non-believer. It is hard to live a stressfree life if you are told every sunday that your partner is going to hell and that you are a sinner for loving him/her. Luckily, many christian churches have moderate, modern world views and will not grudge you for marrying someone of different or no faith. There are some rather intolerant churches though. Avoid them.

Also, should there be any children in such a relationship, it would be important to seek an agreement as to the faith and the values the children should be educated by. And it would be best to make that decision before making the children, to avoid having disagreement about it later on. It would for example be possible to educate the children with basic values and let them decide for themselves whether they chose to believe. Parents could just educate their kids to do the right thing and the kids get to decide whether they do the right thing because Jesus told them to or whether they do the right thing because it’s right.

Answer #9

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Answer #10

Yeah. I’m atheist and my boyfriend is pentecostal. We don’t force our views on each other at all, and we really love each other. Honestly, if you love that person, religious views won’t matter.

Answer #11

It depends on the Christian and the atheist. If both can respect the other’s worldview than it can work. If the Christian views the atheist as an heathen that needs to be saved or if the atheist views the Christian as believing mumbo jumbo that it probably won’t work for long. A lot of people marry thinking that over time they can change the other. If this is in the back of someone’s mind than it probably won’t work out.

Answer #12

Just because you don’t believe this verse,any verse, or John 3:16 and the fact that Eternity awaits Your choice, doesn’t make it any Less True…..A Bible verse covering the question asked is spam….yeah right !!

Answer #13

I guess it depends on the people involved and how they feel about the situation. I myself would not date an atheist, but if someone chooses to and doesn’t have a problem with it then more power to them ;)

Answer #14

Slashdown….. it’s not ignorant when the bible is clear on it. It’s a Christian belief. Though many people do their own thing, despite what the bible says (then again depending if you believe or not). Niky, she never stated that she didn’t believe it. That was a bit rash to say (my opinion) though I agree with your answer.

Answer #15

Slashdown….. it’s not ignorant when the bible is clear on it. It’s a Christian belief. Though many people do their own thing, despite what the bible says (then again depending if you believe or not). Niky, she never stated that she didn’t believe it. That was a bit rash to say (my opinion) though I agree with your answer.

Answer #16

Biblically (as the verse was stated in an earlier post) that it is not right to be unevenly yoked. Expanding it beyond the bible, I see it as difficult. First off, beliefs are a big part of someone’s life. If one can’t find common ground then y’all will always be at ends. Plus, things you may see as wrong he might not. Though that can be worked through. And as if things develop to the point where you have kids with someone of a different belief it’ll be difficult to invoke what you believe on your kids. As a christian, you kinda want your kids to be christian as well. Those are just my thoughts.

Answer #17

I know. I am basically a Christian.. But I’m more of an atheist now. All I’m saying is that if you truly love someone why are you going to let some ancient book tell you that you can’t be together with someone you truly love. What God would forsake a good person from true love and happiness? Thank Bryson for your mature answer and not attacking me :)

Answer #18

I know several cases of adult couples - including marriages - that are atheist / christian in my group - largest atheist group in south central PA. Both must be willing to respect the other.

Answer #19

Haha you’re welcome :) Well to christians it’s not an ancient book but the words of an all knowing God. My flaw with your statement is this. “True Love” to me is where they share everything with the other. Everyone is fueled by their beliefs whether you are christian, atheist, muslim, jewish, etc. Beliefs are a big part of someone’s life whether they believe in someone or nothing, and it’s a part of their life that they can’t share with the other. Whether they can tolerate each other’s beliefs out of love doesn’t connect better than being able to share them with each other. Biblically it’s wrong yes (though no one’s perfect. I’m a christian and I will probably die with sinful flaws, doesn’t mean God is going to forsake me and I’ll end up in hell, nor an excuse for sin), but the question can it work…… well by my definition of “true love”…not really. Make sense?

Answer #20

Totally makes sense :) You make a good point. I understand exactly what your saying and will debate no further because honestly, you are right. And you seem like a decent person so I doubt you’re going to hell ;)

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