Can a christian man marry a non christian woman?

Even if I believe it’s God’s will that we’re together now?

Answer #1

No, that’s like slapping God in the face and saying you have a better plan than him. You must follow GOD’S plan. Trust him to rule your life, and either the non-christian woman will be saved or you will meet someone who you will live a happy, christian life with.

Answer #2

definetly go for it just just make sure you dont fight about what you believe in if you really love each other watch out!!! and good luck!

Answer #3

The reason the bible talks about being unequally yoked is because many have been led astray by their spouses (who often worshipped other gods). I feel that if you do choose to marry, then you need to make a firm commitment to God that no matter what happens your faith will not be shaken. If you can’t make that promise and mean it, then I think you need to take a second look, but if you can mean it, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t marry.

Answer #4

You can of course, but you need to keep in mind you may run into problems later on if either of you are strongly religious or come from strongly religious upbringings.

Everything goes along just fine in these types of marriages until/unless you have kids. That’s the point at which one or both parents start thinking they have an obligation to bring the kids up according to their own religious beliefs. And even if one parent caves in on that point, you’ll still run into problems with the kids wanting to know why mommy doesn’t go to church, or asking if she’s going to hell because she isn’t Christian, etc.

Answer #5

Seriously, we live in a tough world… It is hard to find someone to love and someone who loves you… Rejoice in your differences… Discuss what will be needed for the future (children’s religion) and then have a wonderful life together…

I wish you a wonderful life together…

Answer #6

yes.if u2 have a passion 4 each other then god wants you 2 be 2gether.

Answer #7

well. the bible says that you two should not be unequally yoked. so you being christian and her not, that is some unequal yokeage. but, I wouldn’t follow that rule. go for it dude.haha

Answer #8

You can - no one is going to stop you. I have many friends in this situation. I’m a Christian and I understand the ‘not being yoked to unbelievers’ thing - it’s about your current priorities and your eternal futures being basically different and irreconcilable.

That’s something you and she are going to have to live with, and make sacrifices for. Every couple I know is coping with it, but it creates difficulties, especially, for example with bringing up children.

You and she really need to talk it all through, and you need to pray hard about it. Maybe God has it all in hand, but we do tend to think that ‘God’s will’ = ‘what I want’, so I suggest you really make sure, by praying, studying and talking it through with good friends, before you go ahead with it.

Answer #9

I guess pretty much everyone said here about the “not to be unyoked” subject.

I’m a christian and this has been a question I wondered and dwelled on sometimes. I think as well whether what if it was GOd’s will? or what if it was deception? love is overrated-yet with a bit of faith and courage mayb digged out somewhere in the sand of people living today.

Praying hard about it mayb the best, but remember…its not what ‘YOU WANT’ that you should pray for…it should be ‘WHAT GOD WANTS’ (because as we most can probably agree…God has the best someone for everyone when following the path He’s given us.

Answer #10

God gives his word as instruction for us to live by. He has our best interest at heart when he does. It is not about him having power or control over us, or that he loves to tell us what to do. His ways really work. And he does have a will, where we are concerned. Any Christian that is thinking about marriage, should devote quiet a bit of time, in fasting and prayer, sincerely seeking the will of the Lord for his life…

The divorce rate is now 1 in 2…

Divorce is painful.

For everyone.

Especially the children.

They suffer terribly.

If you think not, ask the ones that came from broken families.

Ask the single parent how hard it was to raise a child on their own.

God said, If you love me, you will obey my commands.

This is the true test of love.

Obedience to the known will of God.

So, if you enter into marriage as the single most important committment you will ever make in your entire lifetime, apart from receiving salvation…and you make absolutely certain that your spouse feels the same way… and you spend a lot of time talking about what you both expect from marriage, and how important it is to both of you, you just might help to change the statistics.

If you do, you will have succeeded in pleasing God, and enjoying a very satisfying lifetime relationship, with the one woman, that you cannot live without. Also, your children will have much better success in life, with both parents, living in a loving and committed relationship.

I think marriage is something that each of us should take much more seriously that is currently the norm.

God bless…

Answer #11

of course! you can marry whoever you want!

Answer #12

Yes, as a christian you can marry a non-christian but upon saying “I do” you will instantly burst into flames and be sent to hell!

Answer #13

Of course!!! Love is strong and God knows what is meant to be.

Answer #14

Yes! You should deiffninitely be able to go ahead and marry whoever your in love with.

Answer #15

dont let a outdated religion stop yoou from true love

Answer #16

The question shouldn’t be a “can you” type of question. Of course you can. But will the choice you make lead to the contentment and fullfillment you’re looking for. If you are lukewarm in your faith then it probably won’t matter but if you are the type that following God’s will has been a strong reason for living then it will cause much confusion. You will always be choosing what pleases God and what pleases your wife. Don’t believe that you can change your wife that already is a dangerous start to a marriage.

Answer #17

God’s will for your life will never contradict what his word says. If what you feel is God’s will for your life contradicts what is written in the Bible, then it is not his will for you life. Sorry, but it’s the truth

Answer #18

The Bible: 2 Cor 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Answer #19

you know I dont know what I believe anymore. and yes you can

Answer #20


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