My Senior Cat is pooping where he sleeps.

I have a 15 yr + Senior male cat whose has started having poop on the pillow he lays on. I regularly change the pillow yet there is always poop there. He also seems to have it on his bottom. He does not seem to be in any pain and he eats and uses the bathroom regularly. Please advise us as to if this is a normal behavior for a Senior cat or is there a problem?

Answer #1

The only thing to do is check it out…it’s not like he’s going in his bed on purpose, so behavioural changes aren’t the problem…bowel control is…Vet!!


Answer #2

it sounds like the cat can’t control when he is going poop,. it could be a underlaying problem, I would call your vet and make appt.

Answer #3

I think it is, when one of our cats got old she did that, but it could have been an underlying problem…

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