can you be forgiven for suicide?

Ok I’m curious if you murder someone you can ask for forgiveness and God will forgive. but if you commit suicide which is just murdering yourself then when you appear in front of God and Jesus then can you ask for forgiveness or is it too late???

Answer #1

Yes,but you will have to answer for it!,it’s considered Murder.

Answer #2

Learn the definition of ‘murder’ …and the criteria for suicide aren’t always the same…

Answer #3

blasphemy is only a sin if commited well I didnt commit it and you have your beliefs and I have mine. dont presurise your onto me because I have been there and found no joy moe214…

Answer #4

I don’t think that a god exists. If he did he would be very fair and would look at that person’s circumstances and state of mind and then decide if that person will be sent to and eternal hell…

Answer #5

You can’t ask for forgiveness BEFORE you commit the sin.. It’s like saying ‘I’m sorry for hitting you’ BAM –It doesn’t make sense. You have to repent AFTER the can you repent if you’re dead?

Also, blasphemy is an unforgivable sin

Answer #6

I think it’s too late. When you appear in front of God, and you’ve murdered someone with out repenting before dying, He wouldn’t forgive you for that… so why would He forgive suicide?

Answer #7

Commiting suicide would be an easy way out of everything…God put us on earth and gave us the need for struggle, therefore ending your own life, if an after life does exist, will probably get back at you.

Answer #8

I’m the one who asked the question and no way would I ever consider suicide at all I was just curious about it

Answer #9

Okay I have asked my mom that same question. And she said that God won’t forgive that cause your still comminting a crime and took away someone’s life especially your own.

Answer #10

I dont think nebody has the right to answer this question because noone knows…

Answer #11

Here me and hear me well…I know noting…but this is something I ask every body and every body has a different point of view.

SOOO Here is mine…For God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day…Right then he can have a conversation with you in that moment of time which to us is but a nanosecond but to him can be what ever he defines it to be and you may be able to ask for forgiveness so we do not know…

If you kill yourself then God knows why and what reason you did it …and In my opnion most people that do… Got some serious issues in there head clouding their real mind. I leave the Judging to God But to be a bit on the Bible side there is only one sin that can not be forgiven.

And that is Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Refer Mark 3:29

Now I myself do not know how this can happen but I do know that if you were filled with the holy spirit, say you have spoken in thongs, and then say that the spirit does not exists then You have damned some one to hell. It is like saying to some one if you walk off this ledge you will not fall because there is no gravity…

But your a sky diver and know full well they will die. You will not be forgiven for Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because, unlike the rest of us, you know…for sure that there is a GOD that one day held and filled you personally, at a deep level, at one time.

I have yet to feel that gift…and you will know because God does not ever leave you confused… you will be sure feeling that power inside that he is real. so if you have then be very careful what you say after because Like Uncle Ben tells peter Parker(spider-man) “with great power comes great responsibility’.

so suicide may be forgiven “I think” depending on you…and if you know the right and wrong Jesus or nothing of him that I leave up to God. But would someone really want to take the chance? I would not!

Answer #12

ok you see this is a perfect example of how religion brainwashes and contadicts its theories because as far as I knew GOD FORGIVES ALL… ALL SINS WILL BE FORGIVEN IF FORGIVNESS IS ASKED FOR… one can ask for forgiveness just before killing themselves and if what the BIBLE says is true then they will be forgiven. yes its wrong and suicide should not be accepted. but GOD loves all his children so if a murderer is able to be forgiven then a suicidal person should be too. theres no picking and chosing…

Answer #13

well I’ve had a little debate about this before but no your not forgiven for committing suicide…which is kind of stupid becuase so hears God who makes you and puts you on the planet and gives you this life… to kill yourself would be to end the “beautiful” gift that god has given you which is just not good so your not forgiven and sent to hell…y should it be any different to kill someone else and still b forgiven. you took away the life of someone else which is just as bad if not worse, I honestly dont get it lol things like this are the reason I’ve stopped believing in anything -.-

Answer #14

So for all those out there that think suicide is a sin, if you are out to be lynched by a mob of anti-christians and instead of them killing you for standing up for Christ, they say “deny God and stay alive or keep your faith and kill yourself”, what would you do? Or the question will be, will you not be forgiven by God when you died for Him, for your faith in Christ?. God says deny me and I will deny you. The bible only speaks of ONE unforgiven sin, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Mat 12:30-32), which means denying God the Spirit (huge topic to get into in this post), other than this one if you have accept Christ as your Lord and Savior then your past, present, and future sins are forgiven (John 10:28). So, in my opinion, and my others, if is not in the bible don’t believe it; people want to add to the bible, something God himself many will do, but one day will be punished (Prov. 30:5-6, Rev. 22:18-19).

Answer #15

I agree with Ifeelcrazy123 God will look at your circumstances . However, He will see if you lived up to His circumstances. The commandments! The truth is not one person ever born from beginning until the end will ever measure up to God’s standards. His ways are higher than our ways. None of us are capable of doing the things God has ever done. That is the purpose for Jesus! Anyhow the 6th commandment is “You shall not Kill”. If this person (KILLS) himself that would be breaking his law. God made His rules simple. Think about this: If someone murdered your close friend you would want justice to be served and the person handed their punishment. If it was your close friend that did the murder, do the circumstances change? Should the judge now NOT be a good by the book judge because now it’s your friend? God does not change for anyone. He is bound by His own word to do what He said He would do?

Answer #16

They so no

Answer #17

It’s too late. And I would say if you are contemplating suicide you need to ask for help, because suicide is never the way to go.

Answer #18

I had a family member who shot himself in the chest and killed himself I remember my mom saying it takes a few seconds for you to die when you get shot in the chest I hope he asked god for forgivness afer he shot himself it was the most heartless thing I ever hear I mean I loved this man and he was dead and thats what she says. I guess if you ask for forgivness while you are dying he forgives you but if you dont ask I guess he denys you

Answer #19

Yes…God can forgive you…when you say forgive me in the Name of the Lord Jesus CHrsit…

My question is…

How do you say that when you are dead?

Don’t you know that you will all be sleeping…when you die…no thoughts no memory no connection to this earth…the only time you’ll be allowed to think is on judgment day..and it’s kind of a little too late to be asking forgiveness when God is judging you…

Answer #20

geez…your all wrong…

when you accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart, you accept him as king. the creator, your God, your LIFE.

your also asking for forgiveness for all your sins, when you accept the Lord into your heart.

your asking for forgiveness for…PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE sins.

no you wont go to hell if you commite suicide. yes, taking a life is a sin. BUT its not someone elses life. its your OWN. the one given to YOU. the reason why it would possible be a sin to commite suicide is becuase you are MADE IN GODS IMAGE, and therefore defyling the image of the Lord is a sin.

if you commited suicide. you still forgiven.

because when you accept the lord into your heart, your asking for forgiveness forever, not just past sins.

God cant expect you to ask for forgivenes every second of your life… think about.

everybody is sinnig right now without knowing about it.

the chances of you dying without sin entirely…are like 100 to 1.

THERE IS NO WAY that you could have asked God into your heart, have him forgive you, and then 30 minutes later you sin and go to hell for it.

cause once God is your saviour…your His forever, your his sheep now and He is your shepard.

once you are his child, you cant just suddenly stop. thats not how it is.

if you do suddenly stop, then maybe you never were to begin with.

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