God forgiving suicide

Why do so many believe that suicide is the unforgivable sin? Where in the Bible does it say that? I don’t think that it’s true. Is there an unforgivable sin? (Please don’t start a fight. I am looking for answers don’t close my question down)

Answer #1

I have pondered this question my self. I have asked religious experts and seem to get the same responses others have given you in this post. The most common answers from clergy (I.E. the religious experts) are thant since you kill your self you cannot repent for the sin of murder or that you are basically saying screw you to god by throwing away the gift of god (the gift of life). However no one sems to mention that in the old testiment there is one case where suicide is debatably glorified. I wish I could point you to the exact passage but my memory is failing me at the moment. This is mentioned on the history channel in documentary. The person I’m speaking of was what in modern terms would be a great general or commander. He had great success in defending and reclaiming their promised land (on earth). Unfourtunatly after many successful battles they ended up on the losing end so he ended his life. To a lot of people who read this passage it seems glorified. But keep in mind god had chosen him to do this so he may have been an exception. This is only my observation and opinion. On that note I am a paranormal investigator and my expertise is dealing with the demonic (I’m not a demonologist yet but I am working on it. Reguardless I have above average knowledge on the subject), Occult specialist, and tech (I’m a computer tech.) I have a strong scientific background and an I.Q. of 139. I approach the paranormal as a sceptic and with a scientific point of view. Currently based on my own observations (please keep in mind the sample size I have is way too small to draw any scientific conclusion) is that suicides due tend to linger around in some sort of limbo. I have no idea if it is some sort of punishment like catholic purgatory, where we all end up, or something else entirely. Anyone who wishes more information on the subject visit http://www.myspace.com/shepherdsvilleghosthunter and send an e-mail to sgh0218@yahoo.com (Message both myspace & e-mail) to ensure prompt response This is the team I am affialated with and will help you with most general question. If you your question deals with one of my specialties (I.E. Demonic) in your mess age let them know you wish to speak with me. My name is Daryl.

Answer #2

and also, once you get saved its not like you could do anything and not be judged for it. first of all if you truly get saved you shouldn’t want to commit suicide, or anything of the sort. you must maintain it as a lifestyle because it is suppose to be life changing. yes once people get saved they are def. not perfect by any means but they should at least resemble the Jesus that the whole world knows. instead because of that misunderstood idea people “get saved” and still act like they did before, this is exactly what Jesus taught against, he called them hypocrites. that Is the jesus the world needs not people who think they are better just because they “got saved” That is the Jesus that hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes.

Answer #3

if you kill urself you never will have a chance to ask god for forgiveness

Answer #4

The only unforgiveable sin is knowing God, as God, and falling away from that knowledge to the point where you actually attibute the things of Satan to that of God.

A person who takes his own life, is under extreme duress from the enemy,now why would a loving and just God punish someone who is obviously ill?

We currently are experiencing an epidemic of suicides in our world, and these will only grow worse. These people for the most part have lived in a generation where faith in God has been completely stolen from them, and without hope, they would rather be dead than alive.

Many thanks to the Atheists who have worked night and day to remove every trace of God, or faith, to discredit the bible, and to undermine the belief system that keeps people going. You are reaping your harvest. Of Death.

Answer #5

I just recently lost someone who I loved immensely to Russian Roulette (or as some would say suicide)I do not think its fair to pretend to know what happened in the momments following there death. Only that person and God himself will know. The Bible never says that if you commit suicide that you will be condemned to hell. The Bible is silent on this issue. God probably did not address it in black in white for a good reason. If we knew that we would still go to Heaven if we killed ourselves, there would probably be a lot more suicides taking place than there already are. However, if we knew that all who killed themselves were automatically banished to Hell, no matter what their situation, it may be too much for the grief-stricken family and friends to bear.

Mark 3:28-29 KJV) Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation. I agree with the response that the only true unforgivable sin is rejecting God. It is so important to remember that God judges each of us individually, weighing all the factors of our lives, our beliefs and our motives. Each one of us is so intricate and complex, only God could really judge us in total truth, wisdom, and without favoritism. Think about all the different religions and beliefs out there is it really fair to say that your belief is the only correct one?…

Answer #6

HOLD ON! there is never a good reason to kill urself? No I completely disagree w/ that. There are great reasons to commit suicide, im not promoting commiting suicide tho, dont get me wrong, but people have problems and they have reasons on why they dont belive there is reason to live anymore and if you dont wanna live any more YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO!

Answer #7

The ONLY unforgivable sin is blasphemy - when a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savoir, they have been bought with a price, eternity fate is sealed - regardless if later for whatever reason they commit suicide - my understanding of God’s word - the key is not the ‘suicide’, it’s whether or they have been saved prior.

Answer #8

How can God forgive you if you are dead before you can ask forgiveness? Let’s say that someone had cut their wrists and was bleeding to death and saw that it wasn’t worth it and asked God to forgive them, the I believe obviouly he would. but if someone shot their brains out there isnt time to ask… so. yea.

Answer #9

How can you ask for forgiveness (which is how and why God forgives you) if you are dead? that is what it means suicide is a sin because it is murdering yourself. therefore without being forgiven for it… sadly you are hell bound :(

Answer #10

the only sins he dosent forgive is talking bad about religions and god things and not killing other people or comit suicide.

Answer #11

no it is not, because all sins re equal on god’s eyes as long as you ask 4 forgiveness he ll forgive u:) no matter how bad & big you re sin seems 2 be anyway, if you kiill you re self then you may not stand a chance 2 ask 4 forgiveness as to which is a different matter. GOD BLESS

Answer #12

The last thing to worship is that book. It is just paper and ink. The person behind the book is worthy to have all our worshipfulness.

Answer #13

Suicide is sin because it is murder.

WRONG. Learn the difference between KILLING and MURDER.

Answer #14

marie9368, if you are referring to the God of the bible I’m afraid you dont know what you are talking about. crack open a bible, or go to biblegateway.com and check it for yourself.

Answer #15

…the Bible doesn’t say that. It could’ve been because he didn’t repent for leading the Romans to Jesus.

Answer #16

captain, your right so many “christians” don’t know anything about the bible, or about christianity for that matter. :(

Answer #17

I seriously doubt it is unforgiveable on all accounts. When you ask for forgivness it protects you from past present and future sins.

Answer #18

a sin against he holy spirit is unforgivable…but suicide is bad…judas commited suicide and dats part of the reason why he died the second death…the death you cant com e back from

Answer #19

b/c when you forgive your sins its a fresh start for you… but when you kill yourself you dont have time to forgive yourself so you die with a sin

Answer #20

According to the Bible, the ONLY unforgivable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Suicide is NOT blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Thus, it is a forgivable sin according to the Bible - for those who worship that book.

Answer #21

holla! 1 you got to think of this owt side the box. if god wanted you 2 go 2 heaven he would take you but there is never a gud reasiön 2 kill your self. its unforgivin or unforgivable? if you kill your self you cnt come back. I wanted 2 1ce bt I knew god would take me when its time. peace owt!

Answer #22

I believe suicide is a forgivable sin, because God knows the desparation and frame of mind of a person when the act is committed and judges by that.

Answer #23

I dont quote scripture but I ran across the inforgiveable sin once in my life. think of it like this.how can you ask God to 4give you ahead of time then you take your life.Nope there is nothing Holy or saved about suicide-an evil act. I personally havent known of anyone whose taken their life and come back from the evil act to live to tell about it..JUST PAUSE AND MEDITATE..one thing is for.judgement day is coming.the Holy Bible is all WE have to go on. so please PEOPLE TAKE ALL THE GOOD INTO AN ETERNITY HOME-HEAVEN–POSOTIVE POSITIVE FORGET HELL BECOME BORN AGAIN AS THE HOLY BIBLE SAYS FORGET THESE MAN MADE RULES AND POLOCIES. TAKE THE GOOD OVER BAD ANYDAY.AND you WILL BE MOR SAFE THAT WAY-GOOD THEN WITH THE BAD.

Answer #24

God Gave birth to us without asking our permission. He Will take it back in the SAME way. He tought the humanity by Sendig Messengers from Adam to Muhammed(May peace and blessings of Almighty God be on all of them) how to lead his life. If a man lead his life in that manner,There will never a chance to think about suicide. We have no Permission to end life. Dont be stupid by taking such a decision. There is no problem with out a solution from God. The solutions are there in the books he sent down by messengers. When people starts to devate from it and start leading their lives as the why like, then all the problem comes

Answer #25

Many thanks to the Atheists who have worked night and day to remove every trace of God

How could they do that? What are these ‘traces’ of God, for them to remove? And how could an atheist indentify a ‘trace’ when they don’t believe God (nor his traces) EXIST in the first place?

to discredit the bible

I haven’t heard ANY atheists say anything about the Bible that wasn’t true. I HAVE heard a number of Christians misquote and/or LIE about it, though…

You are reaping your harvest. Of Death.

You’re hilarious… psychotic… but hilarious…

Answer #26

I’m just going out on a limb here with a hypothetical response, but…

Since God decides when you should die, then wouldn’t you survive a suicide attempt unless it was his will to take you? If you actually manage to commit suicide, then wouldn’t he have planned it that way?

And saying that, would he still hold you responsible for your own death even though he was the one who decided whether you should live or die?

Answer #27

Honestly, this is why I have a problem with the Christian religion. God is supposed to love all his children according to the bible. Although, when you go to church they are quick to tell you what sins won’t be forgiven and who is going to hell. It baffles me. The person has suffered enough on earth (obviously if they have decided to take their lives), why would a supposedly loving God, send him to hell for trying to end his suffering. Doesn’t seem right.

Answer #28

“I seriously doubt it is unforgiveable on all accounts. When you ask for forgivness it protects you from past present and future sins.”

I have a problem with this scentence. So you are saying that if you have asked for forgiveness and accepted jesus christ into your life - than no matter what you do afterwards you will be saved and go to heaven? So you could murder people, molest children, rape women, rob people’s houses, blow up a building, etc, and it would be allright because you asked for forgiveness before you did it.

This is why Christianity is so unbelievable for me.

Answer #29

Lots of healthy debate. But alas, I have to side with:

Suicide is murder. therefore, it is a sin When you commit suicide, you die, and are not able to ask for forgiveness, Yes, when you are saved it washes away every sin in the past and present.. but its up to you to keep from sinning. The future is open to stop or continue sinning therefore, being saved does not save you from future sins, if in fact you do sin again. being saved does not give you a green light or pass for the future.

Answer #30

If you atually believe in “god” than I think b/c murder is one of the 10 commendments and suicide is a form of murder in a way maybe that’s why? Or maybe b/c he gave the gift of life an you turned around an killed urself he’d look at that as sort of a f* you to him. Im not entirely sure why tho and I deffinitly couldn’t tell you where in the bible it says that b/c that is one book I have never read.

Answer #31

he gave his life he didn’t take it himself.

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